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Polished Brass Kaleidoscopes

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Welcome to Moon Dog Kaleidoscopes!

Come in and take a look at our kaleidoscopes... I think you will like
what you see!  We use only the finest materials and treat each and
every piece as if it were a gift for a dear friend.

Linda Bellacicco

Our Mission

To bring you beautiful, unique kaleidoscopes of the highest quality,
at prices well below what you would normally pay for such exquisite

To deliver you an excellent product and timely, quality service that
will make you want to come back again and again.

Artist Profile

Art has always been a part of my life. My dear grandfather was a
freelance shoe designer and took me under his wing at age four.
My earliest memories were at an art table. He exposed me to
color, texture, composition and form. I loved and excelled in art
throughout school and decided to major in art at St. Johnís
University. There I learned all forms of art: painting, sculpting,
pottery, print making, art history and graphic art. I majored in
Graphic Art/Advertising. I apprenticed in an ad agency for two
years, which gave me real world experience. With that and my
BFA I worked at various jobs in advertising in Manhattan. In 1983,
I won the coveted Clio Award for packaging design.

I worked in advertising for almost twelve years when a new art
form entered my life: stained glass. I took a night class and just
loved the medium. It made me feel creative and like an artist again.
I began making kaleidoscopes and eventually started my own
business. Kaleidoscopes turned out to be great sellers and so
much fun to make. They are beautiful to look at and look through.

I make them in stained glass primarily, and some in brass and
wood. I sell them nationwide as well as internationally. I now reside
in California with my husband Rob and our dogs, living in bliss
making kaleidoscopes.

Contact Information

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